Intermittent Internet problems for customers on NRG stacks

Intermittent Internet problems for customers on NRG stacks

Dreamtilt would like to apologise for the issues today, however we do believe we have a fix in place in regards to the intermittent drop out issues for customers on NRG stack wireless.

To try and simplify what happened, essentially there is a fiber connection from our backhaul radio (that was recently upgraded to a larger 10Gb capacity) to the main network router at NRG that has been online for some time. In this connection there are some patch points and has been operating for a long time. We had noticed however that the full expected 10Gb capacity was not being achieved.

This was important as future 5G fixed wireless needs higher capacity. It was also identified yesterday that the signal along this fiber was not good and some quick changes on patch cables and cleaning occurred yesterday to try and fix.

Unfortunately this did not fix the issue and today the signal deteriorated further causing the links at both ends of the fiber connection to drop intermittently. It took most of today to fault find along this cable and identify the exact issue.

We have identified the problem and have a solution in place that is now providing a solid 10Gb connection as expected. There will need to be a future permanent fix later on however we will try to schedule this on a weekend to minimise outage time if possible.

Obviously we always are looking at ways to improve – and ultimately this issue will be fixed and provide a long term capacity increase that will benefit our customers in the future.

We appreciate all feedback – good and bad – as we know that any issues need to be resolved and fixed so as to improve service for our customers – and we will continue to re-invest back into the local network and community.

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