Multi Dwelling Units

Multi Dwelling Units

Get more speed to residents and customers

Looking at providing better internet services to your complex or multi-dwelling property?

Want to entice higher rentals and customers purchasing units in the complex? Real estate experts will tell you the benefits of high speed internet access availability in multi dwelling units and homes.

When a renter looks for their apartment, each weighs various amenities according to their own needs. In a recent study respondents now list high-speed Internet access came in as a “must-have” feature. In most cases residents in mulit dwelling units rated having access to high speed internet more important than other amenities like covered parking, gym, cable TV or a pool.

Deliver unbelievable broadband speeds using Dreamtilt. Dreamtilt can deliver gigabit connectivity using fixed wireless broadband (or fibre) into unit complexes in the Gladstone area.

Don’t let the lack of fibre infrastructure in town or poor copper lines slow down internet to your complex.

Contact Dreamtilt below and find out how we can deliver gigabit speeds to your multi dwelling complex and increase the internet speeds.

Fixed Wireless Building