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Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas to All!

Dreamtilt would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas in 2021.We are excited for 2022 which will bring new and exciting developments like 28Ghz PTMP, 60Ghz Gigabit, and new towers to further service the area. Exciting times ahead :)But first - lets enjoy the holidays with family and friends!

Faulty Radio randomly rebooting on Grainco causing some customer outages

Dreamtilt is aware of a faulty radio affecting customer connections causing intermittent drop outs for some customers connected to Grainco.We have ordered a replacement radio to be shipped overnight and we are hopeful to replace the radio by tomorrow (30th November 2021) provided overnight delivery is successful.We will update our progress in our customers...

Gladstone Womens Health Centre

Dreamtilt supporting Gladstone Womens Health Centre

As you know, Dreamtilt is all about supporting the local community, and we are more than happy to support Gladstone Womens Health Centre with high speed fibre and wireless connected internet, at no cost, to help them do the fantastic work they do.We have also installed the latest wifi access points to help deliver...

Outage for customers on NRG Stack for October 4th to October 6th 2021

Dreamtilt would like to advise that between 4th October and 6th October, upgrades will be occurring to the radios on the NRG Stacks.Customers on these stacks will have intermittent outages as the backhaul radio is significantly upgraded and other components on the stack are also upgraded to support 5G wireless services in the future.Outages...

Best in Business 2021

Vote for Dreamtilt in Best in Business Awards 2021

We love our customers. Its what drives us to grow and become better.Be it investing in our network by increasing radio links to new mmWave links, securing 28Ghz licenced spectrum for our 5G rollout later this year, or increasing coverage into new areas.We also support our local community, giving back by sponsoring local...

Mindspace and Headspace Internet Upgrade
Mindspace and Headspace Internet Upgrade

Dreamtilt – Supporting those that support us locally

As a local company we like to give back to the Gladstone community, and make sure we support those that support us.Recently we completed a huge Internet upgrade to Mindspace and Headspace and installed our new high capacity radio links. These new radio links are able to provide a huge boost in capacity. We...

GAICS Sponsorship

Dreamtilt supports the GAICS

Dreamtilt is proud to sponsor and support The Gladstone Aboriginal and Islanders Cooperative Society Pty Ltd.Being a local company it is our privilege to support local organisations. We are happy to supply Internet, phones and web hosting at no cost and support another great local organisation.We look forward to continuing our support for local...