Sponsorships and Community

Gladstone Womens Health Centre

Dreamtilt supporting Gladstone Womens Health Centre

As you know, Dreamtilt is all about supporting the local community, and we are more than happy to support Gladstone Womens Health Centre with high speed fibre and wireless connected internet, at no cost, to help them do the fantastic work they do.We have also installed the latest wifi access points to help deliver...

Mindspace and Headspace Internet Upgrade
Mindspace and Headspace Internet Upgrade

Dreamtilt – Supporting those that support us locally

As a local company we like to give back to the Gladstone community, and make sure we support those that support us.Recently we completed a huge Internet upgrade to Mindspace and Headspace and installed our new high capacity radio links. These new radio links are able to provide a huge boost in capacity. We...

Dreamtilt Sponsors Gladstone Brothers Juniors Football Club

Dreamtilt sponsors Gladstone Brothers Junior Football Club

Dreamtilt is now a proud financial sponsor and Internet provider for the Gladstone Brothers Junior Football Club.When the club had difficulty in getting Internet connected at their sporting complex, they turned to Dreamtilt knowing that the fixed wireless solution was the best option for them to get connected.And we decided, the best thing we...

Meteors Football Club Sponsorship

Dreamtilt and Cooper McKenzie Marketing are proud sponsors of the Meteors Football Club

Dreamtilt and Cooper McKenzie Marketing are proud sponsors of the Meteors Football Club.With the club looking for a new marquee, we were happy to, ... ahem, step out on to the field, and together with Cooper McKenzie Marketing provide the club with a new marquee that can be transported to all their training and...