Installation, Re-location and Cancellation

Installation, Relocation and Cancellation

Our  policy for installation, relocation and cancellation of our services


Dreamtilt has in place, a policy around installation and relocation of equipment and around what happens in the event that you cancel your services. This Installation, Relocation & Cancellation Policy describes how Dreamtilt will install equipment, what happens around relocation of equipment and what happens in the event of a cancellation of your internet service.

This Installation, Relocation & Cancellation Policy forms part of Dreamtilt’s Customer Relationship Agreement (CRA). Upon acceptance of Your Application for Services, you are bound by Dreamtilt’s CRA and this Installation, Relocation & Cancellation Policy which forms part of the CRA.

Installation, Relocation & Cancellation

Dreamtilt’s conducts work on people’s homes and businesses for the purpose of connecting to our network. When Dreamtilt conduct work on people’s homes and businesses we work within strict safety protocols, industry standards and policies. The following terms articulate Dreamtilt’s Installation Policy, about how installations will be conducted.

This Installation, Relocation & Cancellation Policy establishes standards of conduct, and responses to issues that are raised regularly in relation to installations of equipment by Dreamtilt on business and residential premises. You should read, acknowledge and agree to comply with this policy, before Dreamtilt is able to proceed with an installation of equipment at your premises and to provide your service.

Dreamtilt may, if Dreamtilt determines there is a need to do so, vary the Installation, Relocation and Cancellation Policy at any time. The most recent version of the Installation, Relocation and Cancellation Policy will be displayed on Dreamtilt’s website.


The following issues turn up on installations, and this is how Dreamtilt propose to, and you agree that, Dreamtilt may deal with them:

(a) Tiled Roofs – The most efficient roofing material for Dreamtilt to install equipment on is metal sheeting. Tiles however, can be an issue, as sometimes tiles and can be damaged, and if that happens that damage must be managed. Both Dreamtilt and the owner have a roll in managing any such damage to tiles and similar roofing materials, to ensure that no damage occurs. Tiles and mortar can become brittle over time. Tiles can be difficult for installations. Where there is existing damage to the roof or mortar, Dreamtilt will make the owner aware of the issues prior to installation. Where possible, Dreamtilt will install the radio equipment on existing antennas on tiled roofs and avoid any additional aerials. Where this is not possible, Dreamtilt will attach to the tiled roof ridge tile a tile mount using adhesive, avoiding direct holes and damage to the tiles themselves. Dreamtilt will also seal and prevent ingress of water into roofs via the Ethernet cable using flexible silcone through entry points. Rental owners must discuss with owners prior to tiled roof installations and will take responsibility if asked by Dreamtilt installers regards approval of installation on tiled roofs. It is the owner of the properties responsibility to regularly inspect and maintain the tiled roof, including any mounts installed by Dreamtilt, after installation. As part of the agreement on installation, you indemnify and release Dreamtilt Pty Ltd against any damage caused as a consequence of the cracking or damage to any roof tiles and against any damage caused as a consequence of degrading mortar, and tile condition.
(b) Maintenance of radio mounts – whilst the Dreamtilt radio equipment and associated Ethernet cable to the radio is maintained and replaced as required by Dreamtilt, the radio mounts and poles that the radios are positioned on are the responsibility of the owner to maintain over the length of the service. Dreamtilt installs standard galvanised steel For instance, should the installed poles shows signs of rust, it is the owners responsibility to spray / paint the poles to maintain the pole on the roof.

Asbestos or dangerous materials, surfaces or items

Any commercial structure or structure with asbestos present will have an asbestos register. You are obliged by legislation to provide Dreamtilt’s installers with access to the asbestos register and to bring the asbestos register to the installer’s attention. Dreamtilt Wireless installation technicians are not trained, or qualified, to work with asbestos, so cannot complete installations on any structure that may contain or be affected by asbestos material, dangerous or dangerous surfaces or items. In the event that any asbestos, dangerous materials, surfaces or items are discovered to be present, Dreamtilt may require engaging the assistance of a qualified tradesperson. The qualified tradesperson will be required to do all work involving the material, which could include the drilling of penetrations in roof areas, walls and other parts of the structure, and possible removal of the asbestos or other dangerous material at cost to the owner. You can supply the qualified tradesperson or you may ask Dreamtilt to provide a quotation from a qualified tradesperson. The cost of the qualified tradesperson will be in addition to the Dreamtilt standard installation fee.
By agreeing to the Dreamtilt Pty Ltd Installation Policy you are accepting that Dreamtilt cannot carry out work with asbestos without the assistance of a qualified tradesperson in dealing with asbestos or dangerous materials. You also agree to pay for the assistance of the qualified tradesperson. You can supply the tradesperson yourself or ask Dreamtilt to obtain a quotation on your behalf.

Location of equipment

Locating equipment on a customer’s roof will depend on alignment and link onto towers supplying Dreamtilt broadband. Due to the complexities of the exercise of installation, Dreamtilt cannot guarantee that we can install the equipment in the location of your preference. Dreamtilt will check signal from the customer subscriber unit and make sure it has a great signal and alignment to ensure the services are optimum. Dreamtilt will not install the service as at customers residence if the service is not considered a quality level. Dreamtilt will discuss this with you on the day of installation, on how the installation can be completed and where inside the premises the connection can be set up. You agree that the location of the termination point inside may need to change from your desired or preferred location. You also acknowledge that once the connection is installed, if it requires moving or relocation to a different location after initial installation, that this will be at additional cost to you. Dreamtilt will try to locate the wireless router in a location that will offer best signal, however it is important to understand that some locations may require either improved routers, powerline adapters or other such additions to improve coverage. Dreamtilt can offer solutions in such instances, but these are at additional cost to the initial installation and standard wireless router provider as part of that installation.

Safety and Insurance

Dreamtilt is a safe company. The safety of Dreamtilt’s staff and the public is our top priority, and safety must come first, and must be front of mind for our installers and for our customers. It is important that you undertake all necessary steps and precautions, so that when Dreamtilt installers attend on site, whether that be a business or residence, the site is safe and free from hazards, secure all animals, dangerous or otherwise and young children away from the installation equipment including ladders and tools.


Dreamtilt can re-locate services from existing premises to new locations at a standard fee of $75. Re-location will depend on the ability to connect to tower locations. The customer must bring the existing router and radio power supply from the previous installation to the new installation. If the equipment is not available, then a further replacement fee may be charged. Re-location can only occur if the service at the previous address is cancelled – if the service continues at the old address – then the new address will be considered as a new installation and not a re-location. Customers must contact Dreamtilt with prior notice of at least 2 weeks before re-locating so that the relocation can be scheduled and booked in. We appreciate that in some circumstances that may not be possible and shorter notice times will be accommodated for as best as possible, but will depend on installation schedules and timing. If the re-location cannot occur then the service will be cancelled inline with our cancellation policy.


In the event that you cancel your service with Dreamtilt (or Dreamtilt cancels the service with you in accordance with our Customer Relationship Agreement), then Dreamtilt will collect the radio subscriber module and associated power supply from the premises. There is no cancellation fee provided the radio equipment and power supply are disconnected and collected by Dreamtilt from the customers premises.