Business VoIP

Business VoIP

Talking business shouldn’t break the bank

Dreamtilt VoIP (which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows for the delivery of voice communications over the Internet.

Why is that a big deal?
Because VoIP is very inexpensive, and yet more flexible than traditional phone service. VoIP is the perfect fit for small to large businesses.

With Dreamtilt VoIP, communications services like voice and voice messaging are carried over the Internet instead of the public telephone network. The process involves converting an analog voice signal to a digital signal, then divvying up that signal into IP packets that are then transported to the call’s destination. At the receiving end, the process is basically reversed—the digital data is converted back to analog voice, and the call comes through with crystal-clear clarity. Sounds tricky – but works just like a normal phone – in fact you can use the phone you already have!

Phone Number Porting - Change to Dreamtilt

Download the form and port your existing phone number to Dreamtilt VoIP.

CAT A Porting completed with no additional charges.
CAT C Porting may incur fees for more than 5 numbers. Contact us for details.