Dreamtilt Coverage Area

Wireless broadband coverage in Gladstone and surrounding areas

Coverage Area

Dreamtilt covers most of Gladstone, Curtis and Facing Islands, Beecher, Burua, Yarwun and parts of West Stowe.

For optimum connection, Line of Sight (or ability to see the tower / structures) from the roof of the location requiring installation is required.

The map below indicates where we have equipment on towers and structures that are able to cover areas around them.

Dreamtilt Wireless Tower Online Indicates Tower or Structure is online and providing Dreamtilt Broadband.

Dreamtilt Wireless Coming Soon Indicates Tower or Structure is to have equipment installed in next 6 months

Note: Map above provides indication of coverage area. Other factors such as physical objects, buildings, trees, or poor signal may mean installation is not possible in some areas. Map also does not indicate areas where different radio equipment may be required to achieve signal strengths and speeds for a connection.

Installers will review the location and signal prior to installing to check that the Dreamtilt service can be installed successfully and result in few issues with connection drop outs or speed problems.