Online Safety

Online Safety

Tips on keeping safe online

The Internet is a great source of information and entertainment, however there are steps you should take to protect yourself and children whilst online to ensure that your experience on the Internet is a good one.

Top Tips

Intall Anti-virus Software
Every computer should have up to date anti-virus software. Anti-virus software ensures that your computer is protected from infection from programs that are designed to take control of your computer. There are many anti-virus programs on the market. Windows also has security and basic anti-virus protection that can be set and enabled in Windows settings. Here are some options when it comes to anti-virus software –

Install and configure a firewall
Installing and enabling a firewall helps to prevent unauthorised access to your computer. Most operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and other systems have firewalls pre-configured. There is also software and hardware available that can increase security.

Enable OpenDNS Family Content Filtering on Dreamtilt Internet Service
Dreamtilt customers can enable Family Content filtering and block adult content and other suspicious sites by enabling the OpenDNS on their broadband service by their client portal. For more information, click here.

Ensure you keep software updated
From time to time, software companies release security updates and fixes. It is important that you update software to ensure you have the latest versions and fixes so that your system is secure.

Think before opening email attachments
Don’t open suspicious emails or attachments from unknown sources. Don’t click on links in emails requesting your personal details. If the email looks suspicious, do not respond, simply delete the email.

Ensure you have strong passwords
Make sure any passwords you use online are strong and are a combination of letters and numbers

Check your sent items file or outgoing email
If you find unknown messages in your out box, it is a sign that your computer may be infected with spyware.

Stop and think before you share any personal or financial information
Before sharing any financial or personal information, always check that the person or company requesting the information is valid and secure.

Configure your wireless network securely
If you are using a wireless router/modem, enable the security features with a strong password. Use WPA or WPA2 encryption on your Wi-Fi equipment (WEP is an older standard and is less secure). Refer to your router/modem manual. All wireless installs completed by Dreamtilt are secure.

For further information you can visit the Australian Government’s website

Protecting Your Kids Online

It is important to know what your children are doing online. Make sure they know how to stay safe and encourage them to report anything suspicious. Supervising your children’s Internet use is probably the most effective way of protecting them. Even the best filtering software cannot be effective in filtering inappropriate content 100% of the time. For further information about online safety go to the Australian Government’s Cybersafety website – – or the Think You Know website –

Complaints about Content

All Internet users have the right to complain about sites they find offensive. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) provides details of the complaint process and procedure. Reports of offending sites can be made to ACMA.

ACMA Australian Security Initiative

Dreamtilt is also part of the ACMA Australian Internet Security Initiative.

Dreamtilt Spam Filtering

Dreamtilt provides a free service to our customers for spam and virus filtering. This service includes Adjustable spam settings, including whitelists, blacklists and friends Virus scanning and filtering (messages containing viruses are deleted).

These features are on by default for all Dreamtilt email accounts – spam settings can be adjusted by logging on to DreamMail account online. For more information, please visit our support section How to Deal with Email Spam.

Email spam is a constant problem on the Internet. While there’s no perfect solution that will keep your email mailbox clean, there are many simple steps you can take to alleviate the problem. The Australian Communications and Media Authority have compiled some information on how to deal with spam and suggestions for potentially avoiding it. For more information visit their website here.

Some simple tips for avoiding spam is –

Do not reply to spam email – Once you reply you will end up with more spam
Do not click on the “To be removed from this mailing list” option – this will confirm your email address and more spam will be sent to you
Do not use your email address on suspect websites or signup forms as they may use / sell your address to spammers

Simply delete the spam email or forward it to us here at Dreamtilt so that we may block it for all our users.

Dreamtilt’s Policy on Email Spam

Dreamtilt users that use our network for the purpose of sending spam will be disconnected. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions. Dreamtilt follows the ACMA SPAM Code of Practice. For more on the SPAM Code of Practice, click here.

Reporting of spam to Dreamtilt and other ISPs

If you believe you’ve received spam email from Dreamtilt please contact us here. If you have received spam from another ISP please see the ACMA website here in regards to reporting.