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Upgrades to Mt Biondello Tower, Silos, and Mt Maurice to Upgrade speeds for Customers

Upgrades to Wireless Radios for Future Higher  Speed Plans

Dreamtilt continues to upgrade fixed wireless capacity in Gladstone, Yarwun and Beecher.

Our latest upgrades on Mt Biondello Tower, Gladstone Silos,  has already increased speeds for Dreamtilt customers.We will be completing upgrades to Maurice tower very shortly.

We are also bringing online a new tower at One Tree Hill in Gladstone that will service customers we currently cannot reach.

We also have further expansion plans to Boyne / Tannum in the next 2-3 months.

Dreamtilt has been testing higher speed plans with certain customers and business after the radio upgrades and so far the testing has gone well - with more improvements to occur over time.

We still have the NRG stacks to be completed and then we will roll out new plans with higher speeds and competitive pricing for our customers.

Our testing has shown the network is capable of speeds that will exceed most of the nbn FTN in Gladstone - there is exciting times ahead for our Dreamtilt customers....