Stormy Start to 2018

Stormy Start to 2018

Stormy start to 2018 – Thunder, Lightning, and all very Frightening.

Well what a way to start 2018!

With a huge storm and lightning many residents in Gladstone had a wild start to 2018, including us at Dreamtilt.

We were no different to the other telcos in town and whilst most of our customers had no effect, we unfortunately lost some customers due to a power outage on the Silos.

Fortunately we were quick to respond and by late afternoon we had repaired all damage and restored power to the radio equipment on site, much to the delight of many of our customers. We also kept our customers up to date with real time updates as we were repairing the equipment on the Silo’s via our Dreamtilt facebook page –

However that was no the only interruption.  There were many customers across Gladstone that had failed wireless routers due to power surges to the equipment (remember – always turn your electrical equipment off during a lightning storm to avoid damage). Fortunately by the next day we had replaced nearly all 20+ failed wireless routers (at no cost to the customers) and had them all back online – faster than the other phone line providers had even begun to post out new equipment to their customers – or organise technicians to check …. in a few weeks ….

So, yes, a very crazy, wild, start to 2018. But, Dreamtilt came through for our customers and restored services as quickly as possible.


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