Frequently Asked Questions

We do not allow people to perform their own installations due to safety and technical factors. Dreamtilt technicians will perform the installation. We will discuss installation options with you before installing.
Certainly. You need to check that the router has an ethernet WAN port and supports connection via PPPoE. An ADSL router (one that is used with the standard phone line connection) is normally not able to be used. In any case, we provide a standard wireless router as part of the installation package - but you can upgrade the type of router if you wish. Check out our store for other routers you can purchase that we will then configure for you as well. Using your existing router does not change the price of the installation.
Nope. Nada. No. That's the best part of Dreamtilt Wireless Broadband. No phone line, no phone line rental. No phone companies charging you line rental just to get Internet.
Dreamtilt does not offer equipment with specific functions for people with disabilities, but if you require advice about these we recommend you visit the Accessible Telecoms website here. Please note that we do not currently participate in any subsidy programs under the ‘Disability Equipment Program’ and therefore are unable to offer a discount at this time. We recommend that customers with specific disability needs (including TTY equipment) consider these factors before proceeding with an application.
The wireless receiver installed on your roof connects to one of our wireless towers. From there it then connects into our backbone network. A cable is needed to be installed from the receiver on the roof to inside one of the rooms inside your house. This then connects to a wireless router that provides you wireless Internet throughout your home.
Dreamtilt can install wireless equipment in rental homes and units. As each installation may be different we will discuss with you potential installation options. In most cases our installers can install equipment without affecting the roof or building, however in some cases modifications to provide the service may be necessary. We will discuss these options with you and ask you to seek approval before installing the equipment.