Dreamtilt proud to support McCosker Gladstone Speedway

Dreamtilt sponsors McCosker Gladstone Speedway

Dreamtilt proud to support McCosker Gladstone Speedway

Dreamtilt has completed a major telecommunications upgrade to the Benaraby area and assisted in high speed broadband and fixed wireless connectivity at the newly constructed McCosker Gladstone Speedway.

When the plans started, Dreamtilt jumped on board with the opportunity to assist bringing the latest in telecommunications high speed fixed wireless to the track to support the promotion and streaming of races.

This great local venue had the opportunity to bring not only great sporting entertainment to the area, but also bring in economic returns to the local area, but a lack of telecommunications in the area meant that reaching a nationwide audience would be difficult.

And thats where we jumped in.

With a new high speed wireless tower at Benaraby servicing not only the Benaraby area but also the McCosker Gladstone Speedway, streaming races online is a now a reality. And with free wifi connectivity, all persons attending the events can stay connected and updated thanks to the high speeds provided by Dreamtilt.

We could not be prouder of what we have achieved and we are more than excited and pleased to be a part of the McCosker Gladstone Speedway, now and into the future.

If you are in Benaraby, and also want to get connected to a faster and more reliable internet, then contact us today on 1300 306 126.

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